Because of the coronavirus situation, I couldn't go to Central Park again to complete my original plan to shoot and interview dog walkers. But, I came up with a new idea: why can't we plan an event that can be recorded by Fotonow? It's like a bike team and a circus in history. After China lifted the ban, many people went to the park for a picnic and it became the most popular activity at that time. I think maybe we can also one day, when we beat the coronavirus, promote the 

scenery of Central Park (especially the green lawn) on Instagram and let people have a picnic here. In Central Park, everyone is an “artist”. At the same time, they can talk to friends they haven't seen for a long time. I hope we can not only study the history or the stories of people, but also help those living in Plymouth to record their stories. At the same time, let more people in other cities know about Plymouth's Central Park - a green and warm place.

About the artist


I am a second-year student at the University of Plymouth and my major is Media Arts. I come from China and went to the University of Plymouth in my sophomore year. Before that, I studied at the Communication University of China. The combination of theory and practice at the University of Plymouth has deeply attracted me. Since I came to the UK in the first year, my English was not very good, so the language problem became a big problem in my learning process. But luckily, I got a lot of help from my classmates and teachers. For the past six years, I have loved photography. But during my year at the University of Plymouth, I found that I needed to change: I needed to create and come up with interesting photography content, more than simply clicking the shutter. At the same time, this year's study made me fall in love with marketing, which I think is a wonderful skill. Like at this event, I was responsible for the publicity on Instagram. In my future course selection, maybe I will choose roles related to advertising and marketing.

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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