Troy and Szabi here. We're exploring the baseball field and its history with an interactive game. This will highlight the Mariners Plymouth team, showcasing their history. 

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Szabolcs Babut

I’m a second year Media Arts student at University of Plymouth, aspiring to become a photographer. I specialise in portrait and street photography. I also have some experience in illustration, since I had intended to work in this field before photography took over my interests. I’ve been following art since I was young, participating in different competitions, exhibitions and group projects. Since being in lockdown, I’ve decided to use my illustration skills to create a work that represents our Central Park.

Troy Suarez

I'm a second year student at the University of Plymouth, studying Creative Media. I specialise in street photography, having refined my technique and style for four years. I have taken an interest in media from a young age, and over the years have created and contributed to projects that feature: advertising, graphic design, sound, documentaries, interviews, and videography. More recently, I have taken interest in the style of pixel art and have been experimenting with it for a few months. I hope the art style along with the interactive elements of a game, help my team convey the history and enjoyment of baseball in Plymouth in a fun way.

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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