The Skatepark

Travel back in time with our 70s inspired skate zine. Exploring the growth of Central skate park, 

we have investigated developments of the skate park in Central Park across time, converging its past history with present-day consumption. Our work is interactive and includes personal experiences from people in the community. Through physical and online interaction with local skaters, such as through Facebook groups and archives, we have synthesized individual's experiences, memories and photographs into an exciting magazine issue. We have directly engaged with the community by giving out disposable cameras to a select few individuals to document their experiences, this has been included in our magazine. These snapshots serve as an accurate illustration of the daily formalities of skating in Plymouth and what this entails. On an aesthetic level, our style is influenced by popular magazines at the time such as "Skateboarder UK!", alluding to the short-lived skate craze of the 70s and the 'DIY' culture which defined this.



Stephanie Anjo

I would describe myself as a digital media artist as my practice is conceptualised through a range of mediums, informed by the nature and intent of the work. This predominantly takes the place of film, animation and photography, with a newfound interest for graphic design. Integrating tactile and digital methods is something I often employ in my work, such as through illustration. The versatility of an idea across multiple mediums is something which I am intrigued by, including how different practices can be converged to challenge the representation of a subject. My current projects situate themselves within community-based themes, taking a more collaborative and socially engaged approach. I aim to refine my style as I progress through my degree and pinpoint where I would like to take this in the future.


Instagram: @stephanjodesign

Mattia Tafel

I am Mattia and I am from Italy. I was born in 1999 and currently attend Politecnico of Milan, a University with a faculty of Design. I am in my second year of a three-year bachelor’s degree and decided to come to Plymouth with the Erasmus program to experience learning abroad. I am interested in photography and filmmaking, but I also enjoy graphic design and designing layouts, the areas in which I most contributed for the Long Lasting Community project. I am also fascinated by skateboarding and outdoor activities as I enjoy practising them too. This is a reason why I chose to focus my work on the skatepark at Central Park. I attended a science-oriented high school but decided that I preferred to continue my studies in the field of design. I have played basketball since I was 4 and I still enjoy it. 



Instagram: @mattiatafel

Niamh Marshall

I’m Niamh Marshall and I’m a second-year Media Arts from Plymouth University. I would describe my style as being expressive, personal and creative. I am an absolute monochrome photography enthusiast and my work generally stems from personal experiences and things that are most meaningful to me. My work uses multi-media to explore details and to capture intimate moments that tells a story. I am passionate about visual editing whether it be for still or moving image and I really enjoy the work I create. 


Instagram: @kofukubun 

Siama Hannan

Currently, I am in the process of exploring different media forms within my second year of Media Arts and developing my skills as a creative individual. This gives me the space to discover new interests like sound manipulation, whilst working on expanding my knowledge on audiences,
contributing to my current interests in print media.

I have an interest in our society, understanding people’s behaviours within cultures and investigating public order. These are the common themes often represented in the work I produce. In my recent works, I have been investigating human behaviours and how I can represent public responses to worldwide events in a combination of sound and social documentary photography. Specifically, I have been exploring human connection to sound and how the intensity of a music track can allow us
to travel back in time.

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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