The Zoo

When I found out about the old zoo that used to be at Plymouth central park, I was immediately intrigued and began researching the animals that they had. After walking around the park, I continually imagined what it would look like if the animals of the zoo were allowed to roam free around the park today. I have produced a series of images where it looks like the zoo animals are living in the park, without the restraints of enclosures. I wanted to keep the images

About the artist

as simple as possible I didn’t want them to feel crowded or completely unrealistic (if it were possible for animals to roam so freely in the city).

I wanted the images to bring feelings of freedom, while still maintaining the look of open space. I have been extremely interested in Plymouth’s history with the zoo and I have been doing research into how I can bring those memories back to life in our modern world.

Rachel Singleton

My name is Rachel Singleton, I am a second-year Media Arts student at University of Plymouth. Over recent years, I have been creating work that uses my developed skill of digital manipulation. I am interested in digital media and the potential of an image once it has been edited. In the past two years, I have been learnt more about media practice and have been increasingly keen to learn new ways to manipulate reality through the digital image. Recently working on superimposing zoo animals into Plymouth Central Park’s landscapes. I have been extremely interested in Plymouth's history with the zoo and I have been doing research into how I can bring those memories into modern life. I like to work on many different styles of art because I feel I am still refining my own personal style and I like to keep my work free and full of imagination.

Instagram: @rachel_singleton_art

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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