The Zoo

When I found out about the old zoo that used to be at Plymouth central park, I was immediately intrigued and began researching the animals that they had. After walking around the park, I continually imagined what it would look like if the animals of the zoo were allowed to roam free around the park today. I have produced a series of images where it looks like the zoo animals are living in the park, without the restraints of enclosures. I wanted to keep the images

About the artist

as simple as possible I didn’t want them to feel crowded or completely unrealistic (if it were possible for animals to roam so freely in the city).

I wanted the images to bring feelings of freedom, while still maintaining the look of open space. I have been extremely interested in Plymouth’s history with the zoo and I have been doing research into how I can bring those memories back to life in our modern world.

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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