Calling all Tree Lovers!

Central Park is the largest park in Plymouth. It was originally created in 1928 and embodies a certain history. In a fast-paced life, people of all ages may have different worries and pressures. Imagine that when we are busy with work, we come to Central Park by ourselves or with friends/family, through the wild forest. The avenue smells of flowers and grass, the smell of the land after the rain. When tired, lying on the lawn, isn't that enjoyable? I think this is a healthy lifestyle. This is an appreciation of the beautiful environment, so let's go to be a tree lover! Let's give back to nature.


I found a big tree uprooted by a storm in 2009 that shocked me. I used this picture as an inspiration to take some interesting and historical nature pictures. Why not plant a tree? If we can call on people to plant trees, we can then collect everyone’s planting photos to make a picture book. (I can plant trees by myself in my hometown. I don't know if Plymouth can develop it.). It would be a good idea to record the planting process.

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About the artist


Hi, My name is Qianqian Wu and you can just call me Quinny. I am a second-year Media Arts student at University of Plymouth. This is my first year in the UK. When I was in China, I studied at the Communication University of China. I took some courses in two years, such as new media editor, Chinese and foreign journalism history, web design, production and photography. Among them, my favourite is photography. I usually focus on taking portraits. My personality is a little introverted, but I also get help from teachers and classmates, so I feel this has helped me. In Puli's study, I like the darkroom course. Although many people say that this process is very tiring, I like the sense of accomplishment in the practice. In my work, I mainly focus on trees, so that the pictures become meaningful, let the trees have vitality, and let beautiful things be preserved.



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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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