Because of the epidemic, I did not go to Central Park again to take pictures. After
I visited once, I was very impressed with the children’s playground in Central Park. I think this happy place can be expanded further and the play facilities can also be developed. To not only accommodate more children, but to also have other options for playing. The design could be emphasized for the age group, such as by adding paintings on the slide, or putting balloons on the seesaw. This would make the playground look more colourful and attractive to younger users.

On the other hand, there are also safety issues that need to be re-considered. When I experienced the facilities in the park myself, I found that some of the ropes have large gaps in the weaving, as such, children can easily fall out of the gaps. In addition, the roughness of the rope makes it easy for children to be injured and there are some climbing issues. The surrounding protection could be improved, which would increase the safety of children when playing. These aspects need to be strengthened.

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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