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Let me take you to the year 2075 and relive the historical events that have happened in Plymouth Life Centre. From the city's very own diver becoming an Olympic world medallist, to champions winning events and the centre becoming eco-green by having a new solar room installed. My newspaper article is all about the historical events that have happened in the Plymouth Life Centre throughout history,
represented in the futuristic context of a newspaper.


The newspaper focuses on the achievements, successes, developments, and a variety of events that took place. By looking at both old and contemporary newspapers, I have been able to design and create a futuristic style that might be shown when celebrating the history of the park in the coming times. The content was informed by archive articles and news that has been published throughout the years, developed in a way which suits the work. 

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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