The Grim reaper and time, time waits for no man, this is based on time passing. Time moves and suddenly it’s ten years later. No one knows when the grim reaper decides it’s our time either!

Clock tower on speed, just a little animation of the clock tower, using a replica moving clockwise instead of the hands of a clock.

About the artist

Anna Clarke

My name is Anna Clarke. I used to work as a photographer back in the distant days of the 1980s, using Medium format (Bronica) and Large Format 5 x 4 cameras, the old plate film.  Due to a change in life circumstances, I have moved into another industry and ran my own business for about 17 years.  Regulation has brought that to an end and I took the opportunity to enrol at Plymouth University, on a Documentary Photography course.  


As I’m in my fifties, the need to stay up to date with new and evolving technologies is a personal quest and a move to Media Arts then occurred.  The advantage is being involved with all the modern software and experimenting within these realms.


Having developed websites for my business in the past, I’m enjoying not having one for a change and will resist temptation until after this course is over. The peace and quiet from not being available constantly is a blessing for another year or to.  

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A collaboration between University of Plymouth Media Arts students and Fotonow, exploring the history of Central Park.

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